Calendar of Events

June 21 - Irons Parade, Flea Roast, Irons, Michigan

June 30 - Luther Logging Days

July 7 - Woodland Park Picnic, Merrill Township

July 21 - Fremont Baby Festival Parade, Fremont, Michigan;                             Ghost Day Dinner, Ferry, Michigan

July 22 - Bitely Parade, Bitely, Michigan

July 30 - Meet and Greet, Oceana County

August 2 - Meet and Greet, Merrill Township, Woodland Park,                             Michigan

August 11 - Fundraiser, A Motown Review, Idlewild Historical                                Center, Idlewild, Michigan

August 25 - Meet and Greet, Lake County Historical Museum,                                 Baldwin, Michigan

Sept. 15 - Sandy is a Featured Speaker at the NCDP 2nd                                          Annual Dinner & Silent Auction at The Dogwood Center                       for Performing Arts  6:00 to 9:00 pm. Information at                  

Oct.2nd - "Meet and Greet for Sandy" Tuesday 5:00 to 7:00 pm.                         Hosted by John and Marilyn Drake at the Lake County                         Historical Museum, 915 N. Michigan Ave., Baldwin, MI.                       RSVP at (213)745 4272

Oct. 13th - "Soup with Sandy" fundraiser 11:30am to                                                   1:30pm  at the Newaygo County Democratic Party                                   office at 26 W. Main St., Fremont. Stop by to see Sandy                       and support her as our next State Representative!